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I'm a New York City based designer with a focus on user interface for mobile devices.


I'm a New York City based product designer.


UX/UI Mobile & Desktop


I lead product design for the social team at Spotify, working with engineers, product managers and the design team to think & design new features. I was also part of the team helping out with Spotify complete re-design that launched in April 2014. 




UX/UI iOS & Web 



The design team at Behance needed help thinking & designing their new career page after the Adobe acquisition. We focused on highlighting the company culture while showcasing available positions. Matias Corea (Head of design at Behance) and myself followed the team to shoot all the pictures you see on that page.



UX/UI iOS & Web



Being aware of all the recommendation apps that exist in the market, successful entrepreneurs approached me to lead an innovative mobile approach to social recommendation design. 

People that classify themselves as tastemakers enjoy broadcasting good finds; however, the majority of people just enjoy experiencing the content. How could we give credit to tastemakers and push them to share and at the same time make it easy for everyone else to consume? - Here’s what I did to capitalize on this behavior.



Working with the MavenSay team as a lead designer  was an amazing learning experience. Here are some of the areas I was overseeing:

  • iOS design 

  • Web pages – responsive

  • E-mail/Print marketing campaigns

  • Markup implementation (HTML/CSS) 



UX/UI iOS & Web




Learning from user behavior trends from MavenSay, we decided to create a platform that was better suited to the principal interaction users sought in MavenSay – that of sharing music. I led all UX/UI design efforts to enable and encourage users to communicate with music. 




My approach was to focus on the core interaction first, I started by designing what a rithm (song message) should look like and from there I wireframed and designed the rest of the screens. 

I learned a lot about refining iOS animations. I was working closely with the mobile dev team to get each animation right in order to create an homogeneous experience across the app. Here's a video of the simulator we used to prototype animations __ Play Video




The Cools
UX & Product



Mixing fashion and tech, The Cools is a marketplace using social features to enhance the online shopping experience. As an early stage employee I worked with the head of product to get the platform launched. My responsibilities ranged from coming up with UX flows for new features, copywriting to QA design. 




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